Reading is forbidden for those that don’t feel
amazed just to exist.

If we were to have another name it would be Unlimited Project, because that is how our creativity is, unlimited. 

We accept any type of project whether it’s for private, commercial or corporate spaces, and even for that project you’re thinking of right now but we didn’t mention. We even accept projects for spaces from the Space itself.

We are an alienated team in constant expansion.

With and effect similar to a meteorite, our ideas explode and impact on those just passing by.

In an era where all communications are virtual, we humanize concepts and messages. We work emotions because that is what we live of. We feel the space, leaving the possibility to create new and letting change happen.

Design is everywhere.

A tour table there is always room for another client.

We work for everyone and with everyone.


Experts say that the sun is the closest star to earth… that’s because they haven’t met the stars at Projecto84.


Permission. Mission. 

Projecting is a choice I make every day, which is only possible through clients. 

A journey that is made along with a mission, transforming. 

A transformation that comes from the inside out, inspired in one’s story, creating concepts and materializing unique spaces. 

I am the result of everyone that passes by me, my history, my roots, opening the door to creation and as playing I add confetti to life.


I’m Daniela Mateus.

I’m an environment designer and I really love snacking. I like to eat salted snacks. Cooking for myself. Cooking for others. I like to have others cook for me.  Savoring food. Chanfana with baked potatoes. I like lupines and seeds on the terrace. Sangria. A glass of red wine. I like sitting on my friend’s porch and being able to watch the sunset. Heat. To paint and draw. Green and pink. Colored nail polishes. One nail of each color. Casual clothes. Dresses. I like to match colors and patterns. To play. To sit on the floor. Get-togethers. Listening. To play group games. A well-made bed. Massages. Relaxing in a bathtub full of water. Plants. To take care of plants. Paper notebooks. Learning. To have goals. Respect. Working. I love creating new spaces. To discover new spaces. To appreciate. Challenging projects. To see. To love and be loved. To spoil myself. To thank.

To know myself.