The Beginning of Our Deconstruction

Several events exist between these images/moments. We do not speak of time, because time doesn’t exist.

And these events made us blossom as if we were flowers.

Every day we are pulled to uncomfortable zones, which make us evolve in several aspects, one of which is a greater sensibility towards our feelings. It was through this path that we were allowed to return to what makes us happy, which is contact with the arts.

The feeling that art begins within us and only later is perceptible to others. To take off the layers. To show vulnerability. To acknowledge that that which is true today, may not be true tomorrow. In insecurities that are worked into love so as not to live in function of them, but rather with them.

Each one on their own path and each one at their own pace.

One of the moments shows two people revealing what is on their minds.

In the other, we reveal what is inside our souls.

Now we realize that we are both part of it. We are the result of several personas that we wear to each project that comes our way.

It is in this process of shedding layers that we manage, each and every day, to provide different creative processes.

Each day, one step. This entire process only makes sense when everyone is involved, because we can’t make history by ourselves.

We thank you for being a part of it.

Best Regards

Fátima and Daniela