A Project in the Image of Inês Alexandre

Elegance, glamour, comfort and contemporaneity are keywords that defined the concept to this project of Inês Alexandre Lawyers office.

When we develop a project, it unfolds in phases.

Starting with the briefing with the client, in order to know who is going to enjoy this space daily some questioning arises. I always say I don’t make projects for myself, but for my clients. So the “taste” has to meet what was asked of.

Projecto 84 is who makes the magic. Receives information, organizes, defines the strategy, develops the concept and the project emerges.

Every beginning has a component of disquiet. Be it for the novelty, the unsure ness, or even insecurities, what is certain is that it ends up giving us an adrenaline rush mixed with a great desire to create.

Our worry in making something distinct it’s with the objective of remaining in the memory of those who pass there. This distinction can be connected to the history, the nature of the person or even to the image of the business. Concepts that translated to the space create distinct environments and with personality.

Inês Alexandre, the owner, the face of this lawyer’s office, an elegant woman, with charm, strength and determination, in which her presence is felt, intended to functionally reorganize her space and transform it in her image. The briefing given included the use of golden tones, blacks, noble woods and stones with accentuated and showy veins. A space that previously had capacity for 5 offices and with this new project now has 7.

The transformation of the space was remarkable, highlighting the organization, comfort and elegance.

The use of materials in neutral tones, with metallic details added to the glamour of the space.

The carpet was the highlight of the project. Protagonist for its accentuated pattern of its black tone with white veining, reminiscent of the texture of marble and providing greater acoustic comfort.

Black became imposing due to its strong use on ceilings and floors, creating dark and refined environments.

This was a space that we radically transformed. The original plan contained a distribution of offices that did not favour customer support in a private and welcoming manner. To change this scenario, the entrance is through a small hall, where the reception is located. It is in this Hall that the paths open up. We created a separation from the main room (Inês Alexandre office), designed individual offices, as well as a meeting room.

The challenge of this project went through trusting in the application of dark tones in the ceiling, the strong use of pattern, and the big focus on carpet.

We exist to make a difference in an environment, both functionally and aesthetically. We intend, both in the business, private and commercial world, to showcase environments that provide those who visit there with an experience.

Daniela Mateus